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Course Objective

This course will help entrepreneurs create a tailored road map to build a profitable and international business.

Course Description

Are you and your business belong to the exporting industry which generates over $1.4 trillion annual revenue? Only less than 1% of 3.2 million of small businesses in the US are part of this pool of exporting goods and services globally.

As the world has learned in 2020, we are no longer living in bubbles. We can connect anywhere with anyone around the globe. So what is stopping you from doing business globally?

The objective of my workshop is to provide you the compass to be the international entrepreneur.

By completing this workshop, it will equip you to become global citizen. It will give you the compass, the tool to guide you where you want to go. It can be your future career. It can be the new path for your business to be more profitable and reach global market. As part of the workshop, you receive the tools to assess where you are. Knowing your current status and location is as important as where you are going. In this Workshop, you’ll gain experience in constantly assessing your location, defining your target, and innovating with a global team, virtually. Learn and practice “best practices” for effective collaboration and networking.  

– Learn The tool to know yourself
– Define your target
– Become global citizen
– Innovate with the team

Course Format

In this two day class, you will work on a personal vision board tailored to your personal development and create your business vision board as you connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in various industries.